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How this catalog works: We list the item and a brief description of the product. On the next line is the price. 2/.15, for example, denotes that, if you buy 2 of that product you pay for that (smaller) price. Ea stands for each. The Jangoo Club Price (JCP) is the special price that Silver members (who pay .35/month) pay. The CC-CCC code is the code you will use on the  order form. My advice is to keep the word program open during the shopping period. Copy the codes onto the form. It's that easy! Parentheses around an item means it will be available within a day or so.  ARP stands for Average Retail Price, or "price you might have paid somewhere else" This connotes how much you saved from buying from us! 

We are under construction! Look for more updates soon! 

News- A major restocking trip will occur soon. Look soon for restocked products as well as new ones. Update- Change of plan: We reloaded on British Candies thru Canada!

-In stock- this symbol means guaranteed in stock, although quantities may be limited. If not, we'll toss you a freebee.

Crocky the Movie 

Coming Soon. After a deal gone wrong, an aspiring entrepreneur gets his dream job. The fairy tale does not end so sweet and buttery, though. Find out more soon.

We are also in the process of putting videos on YouTube.

Update: Congrats! We have! And we will add more! 


We have also posted our first video on YouTube!

Follow the link 

Brought to you by us, this is quite the acrobatic film. Once we add a significant amount of videos we will produce a DVD of them. Also available is single videos by email for PC. 

 Here goes the jumping bean! Stunt all along. 1 minute. $.25 J!$.20 MV-JBA

By Yours Truly

We are offering candies for pickup in limited quantities to certain places where I'll be. Offerings include

Spring Offerings

Marshmallow Filled small egg- 10 cents ea., 3/ 25 cents (J! Price) CA-YME (Sold Out)

3 Chocolate Bunnies with crunchy candy coating- $1/ pack (J! Price- get a free small candy), CA-YB3

individual- 50 cents each, CA-YB1 (Sold Out)

Filled Chocolate Egg- $.50, $.35 ea (J! Price), CA-YCE

Summer Offerings

Shaved Ice USA- Currently Operating in NW DC society

Soda or Water $1, 2/$1.50

Bottled Water, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper

Bags of Snacks and Candy $1, 2/$1.50

Starbursts, Crackers

Shaved Ice- $1. with one flavor (Soda or juice base)

25 cents each add'l flavor or topping

Special Offers, include shipping!


5 wheat cent, $1


see the bottom of the catalog for more details ... 

6 candy Bars/ $3.75 

a fat hippo comes to America to rouse trouble with the Nigerian government.
24ppg, $1. intro price (ships for 50 cents) MD-L01


Super Deals! Stop by during the inauguration!

Wine Cooler- nice and clean, barely used. Come by after the inauguration! $95.  We can Obama it for an additional $5.(SOLD:))


Bicycle- a must for traveling within the no-car zone! $35, basic transportation. Return for a $20 credit, if desired.



-The Variety- Don't know what's what? This'll make it easy for you.

1.25 worth of assorted Asian Candies at 1.00! CC-VAR

2.35 worth of assorted Asian Candies at 2.00! CC-V2R 

Super Seller- $4.00 worth in candy alone, includes shipping- $4.25 (That means low cost shipping!) CC-V4R

-Kasugai Gummies- Very Juicy! One of our best seller. Try one and be wowed!

1/.15, 2/.25, Jangoo Club Price 1/.10 (ARP .20 ea) -  Green Grape CC-GUG- , Melon CC-GVM

Ginger Candy- Chewy goodness with a little spice. $.10 ea/ JCP $.08 CC-GIN

Tamarind Candy- $.07/ JCP $.06 CC-TAM

6 variety for .65, .55 JCP CC-GUV

-American Ginseng Candy- Refeshes the mouth, is good for you, and Tastes Good!

.10 each CC-AGC

-White Rabbits- Presented to Richard Nixon, this is the best-known traditional Chinese candy. Enjoy the creamy taste!

.25/3, JCP .05 each ARP .10 ea. CA-WRA   Special! .75/10 JCP .45/10 CA-WRX

Chocolate White Rabbit CC-WRC, (Strawberry White Rabbit CC-WRS), Red Bean White Rabbit CC-WRR -Varietal of the traditional.

Learn More About White Rabbit Creamy Candy  - Note- sales on White Rabbits have been halted as a precautionary measure until 10/15/08. There has been no report of illness at any time by consumption; this is only a precautionary measure.

Pricing as above

Strawberry Hard Candies $.04/ JCP $.03 ea. CC-SHC- 10/$.35/ JCP $.29 CC-SHI

Sugar in the Raw- Seriously, some people like to enjoy the large granules straight from the pack. $.05 CA-SIR

Cow Tales- the delicious, creamy, caramel covered candy stick,  9.75g size. CA-CWT $.20 JCP/ $.25- In Stock

 Bubble Tea Kit

2 servings of Easy Bubble Tea Mix with 2 servings of Tapioca Pearls 1.50 JCP 1.35 CF-BTM

Tapioca Desert Kit for 2 1.00 JCP.85 CF-TDK

Wasabi Peas- Single serving .75 JCP .65 CF-WSP

 Coming Soon-Wasabi Peas Link

Learn More About Bubble Tea

English Candies-Made with Sugar and Imported by J!

Note: Supplies may be limited. We are in the process of finding another supplier.

Polo mint roll- $.75- In stock 

Assorted Chocolates- Nestle $.85- In stock 

Lion Bar- Straight from Italy! $1.25- 

Bounty Minibar- $.50- In Stock


-Wheat cent in printed 2x2 case

.25 each Jangoo Club Price .20 each CN-WHC

-Presidential Dollar in printed 2x2 case

1.55 each JCP 1.35 each Geo. Washington CN-PZW , John Adams CN-PZA 

Half Dollar and Dollar coin wrapper- Have you ever seen one before?

.05 for both JCP FREE! Limit 1 at this price. CN-DRW 

-Buffalo Nickel- Haven't seen them in circulation for over 40 years!

.25 w/o (without) date,  CN-BDL, 1.50 in G-4 condition, CN-BUF  

-$2 Bills- Real Legal Greenback Tender- makes a great collection item or gift

$2.25/1 CN-2BL, $4.35/2 CN-2B2 

Statehood Quarters- the whole set of 50 for just $15.00! CN-SQS

Single pieces for $.35 ea. CN-Q(State zip ref) 

Subscription, 4 Lincoln Cents of 2009, P or D

includes shipping- $3, CN-CL9, JCP $2.50



Altoid Tin- Empty, Cleaned. Makes a great small item case! Our company uses a few for candy portage- so can you!

.25 each GF-ALT

Pencilcap Erasers

.15/1, .25/2  JCP .35/3 GF-PCE

King of Glory Pocket Suite- Card stock holder with lil' 1/8 white notebook and namecard. Also Holds 2x2's and Money!

 .50 JCP .45 GF-KOG  

Little Coin Canister- Easy to Carry

.25 GF-LCC 

Book Cover- Stretchy nylon- yes, and believe this price! Solid colors. Chose 2 colors and we will give you one of them.

.50 JCP .35 GF-BVR (ARP 1.99!) This can also be used as a du-rag with horns! Or slippers in your bedroom.

2-pocket Folders

.10/1 JCP .08 ea. GF-2PF  

Clear Protractors

.25 JCP/ $.35 GF-PTR

SImpsons Watch (Krusty) $2.00


Blog Book 2007

2.50  including shipping, 81/2x11 BK-B07

Blog Book 2008- with all commentaries and bonus add-ons!- over 150 pgs.

$7.50 including shipping, 81/2x11 BK-B08

God be in my Head (Sarum Primer)

Anthem for voice and keyboard

$.75/copy, MU-AGH

Rise Up, ye Saints of God!

Anthem for Unison Chorus and Parish Organ

1.25/copy, MU-ARU

DVD- What's online on JangooVision

The great material already online, from all JangooVIsion episodes to Animal Noises 2

and so much deleted material 

3.59 VD-DJ1

60 posts, as well as the deleted ones! 

 Special, includes shipping

Candy Bar Supreme

6/$3.75 including shipping, in-person or co-order = $.75/1, $1.40/2, $2.00/3.


 BuyBack DC Metro Farecards- buying back at 75%, selling at 90%.


Jangoo Card

Silver Club- Enjoy a Special card and Special Savings! 


Order recall or account statement FREE, Complete withdrawl 10cent fee, without other order .50 including shipping. With order .05, JCP FREE 


Business Help via Google talk. Email for inquiries and low prices

Web Building from $1.00! email your material and dreams! 

Micro Loans and Refinancing- low interest rates. Contact us.  N.B.- Most people are given trial loans to start off with. As we trust them more, their loan size increases. We are happy as to not have had a default for over a month!

Coin Services: Including assessment and price estimates, shelling and procurement, up to about $150. Services will be assessed based on time commitment at about $12 per hour. We specialize in US Barber Silver coinage.  We will not clean coins with chemicals.

Music Composition. Send for a sample of our work. We hope to bring MP3's or videos of our work on MIDI or in performance to the internet soon. We can do different styles, including string quartet, choral, organ and pop, as well as harmonizing anf adaptations.  Rates will generally be about $25 per page (12 lines of music, a piano counts as two of the lines, etc) , but will vary depending on complexity of music.

Lifeguards USA- In the future (about October), you will be able to hire a lifeguard for your DC area pool party or other function. Staff will provide a set of patron guidelines, a first aid/cpr kit, and fundamental rescue equiptment. We can also provide snacks, drinks, and shaved ice. More details to follow. Sorry, our staff is not trained in open-water guarding, and thus we cannot staff swimming areas on lakes or rivers. (Due to the nature of swimming, we are not financially liable for the care of any victim who is rescued and breathing, except if harm was done due to neglect. For non-breathing rescues, our maximum liability is USD$375, again, due to the nature of the activity of swimming)


Invest in our future!

Minimum 6 month fidelity commitment. Today's price is $1.00 per share, up $.06 in the past month.  

We accept the Euro at E1.45 for $2.00 USD, and the Pound at L1.10 for $2.00 USD, and CND1.50 for $2.00 USD 


We will be adding more specialty products in the near future!

Cocoa Mix, Jangoo Mag, etc. 


Free Shipping on most purchases over $10, as well as to some schools.

See if we can hand-deliver for you.

All orders come with good coupons.

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