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Jangoo was founded in 1999 as a concept by a youth, who 5 years later made his dream come true in wonderful America's opportunities: his own profiting  business, which is convenient online shopping. Enjoy our wide yet easy selection of products from Asian Candies to Coins and online fun and entertainment.  Jangoo has served customers around the country and now we hope to serve you. 

Jangoo: The vision beyond The Lemonade Stand come true.

Atticus Sawatzki's Blog

"Set it as your homepage!" Mr. Sawatzki posts something nearly every day here. Whether it be about Jangoo Online Shop, his travels, recommendations, or sometimes, even fiction (but no lies! Atticus and his staff have integrity). Since 2006, Mr. Sawatzki has been providing a practical verbal variety show that hopes to impress and prove useful to the clammiest of critics.

atticussawatzki Youtube Channel

Finally up and running, as of May 2008. Our staff thought that this new medium provided an excellent way for spreading the word of Jangoo. With many viewers a week, and growing, our videos provide the latest capabilities in internet technology. During the summer of 2008, we plan to begin weekly video  productions, akin to JangooMag.

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Shaved Ice USA

Coming soon to a street near you! This year, we are starting in Washington, DC, near Georgetown and also on the National Mall. More details will be made available soon.

Georgetown Book Company

Our Amazon shop, selling books. Our collection will expand, and we have already placed and fulfilled orders. This is a step in our Jangoo2 Plan, which will enable us to grow into a greater company.

How to Pay

You can either send cash or check (the bigger the amount the better; you will have to do this less often) to us, or visit one of our personnel at a stand or  compatible vendor.  Once the money has arrived to us we will send you a confirmation e-mail. If you are new, set up your account before sending money. For extra security, add insurance from your postal provider. The money will be put into an account, where it is good for virtually eternity and infinite orders. If you run out of money we will send you an email. Your account will still be valid. We are also looking into posting on eBAY  and accepting Pay Pal. Look for more news ahead! 

Shipping and Handling (S&H) Rate info : Full Rates List coming soon. .45 for a thin envelope,  .90 (The most common) for many orders.  The price will be tagged on after submitting an order. You will receive note of this when we send the parcel. This is why it is important to leave extra money in your account after an order. With your order will come a receipt, possibly a small invoice if you fall short, and a coupon for your next order, as well as your non-monetary free items. A free sample to survey might occasionally come your way. (This will be schematically sealed to protect those with food allergies

It's your turn to earn!

Click Here to take our quiz- 90% gets you a Free candy with your next order, 100% gets you 25 Cents in your account. 

Coin collectors, this one is for you. Same rules on winning apply to this quiz. No peeking at coin guides! This is a closed book quiz, as well as the one above. Happy winnings! Click Here for the "Koin Kwiz"

Refer your friends! You can trust us 110%+ that we won't mistreat their e-mail scam them, or make anyone uncool.  You receive 25 Cents, and your friend receives 15 cents when your friend gets a new account of $4.00 or more. (Max 1 prize on each friend. Your friend, if not new, must otherwise refill an account with $5+ to receive you and Him/herself the prize.) The sky is the limit on referrals; every 7 referrals you  receive a free shipping . (You, however, get this instead of 25 cents on these times)  10 Referrals make you a PowerHouse, with permanent recognition on this page, if you do not mind.

Make sure your friend mentions your name or card number on the registration form.

Let us advertise on your site! Register your site with us. We will then send you our ad with and without pictures. We will pay you .15 or generously more with your visitor stats when we check (About a little less than a week or so) 

 Notice about Melamine in White Rabbit Candies:

White Rabbits that have been marketed for international sales in the US and much of the rest of the word are held to higher standards than in China. While melamine poses little threat to the consumer, we are suspending the sale of this product until the all-clear is given.
Ready to shop
I'm holding the goods- the things you like. We try to be in stock as much as we can! Bring cash or order early in day for best selection!
You can also hit up "Big Papa". Frosh, this is just for you!

Candy Expos

Occasionally we perform Candy fairs to show others how nice and easy Jangoo Shopping is. We do this with a small valise and free samples. At the fair you can refill your Jangoo account and even recommend and try new products! Free Admission. All are invited. You can also email us for a private meeting or online meeting session.

Recent Fairs

Sands Spa Site, Ivoryton, CT  June 6 2007

Saint Thomas Choir School, 8 pm July 5 2007, Rec Room

Upcoming Fairs:

To be scheduled 

We are also franchising and buying products from you or your business wholesale. Email for more information.

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