NaturArt d.o.o. is a young slovenian company representing a trademark NaturArt.si.

Our main working area is designing and production of wooden decorative items, games and puzzles and other leisure items, souvenirs and gifts. Our products are laser cut and therefore precisely manufactured.

Unique design of our products brings warmth of the wood and nature softness from our workshop directly to your home and with the assistance of the laser technology we add to our wooden products a contemporary touch.

Our basic material is wood but from time to time we choose other non-metal materials such as acrylic glass, paper, cardboard, leather and engraving materials. Besides all-prepared finished products we offer engraving and laser cutting services and design for custom made products for the specific customer.

Here we represent wooden products manufactured from poplar or birch plywood:

The puzzle particles are assembled in a panel where they stick together with a very small joint, which you need only to press with the tip of your finger or a knife's end. Look for the instructions in the back and start assembling with the particle no. 1, fix all the parts with the same number and then continue in regular order. There is no glue needed, only if you want to fix the model not to reassemble it use a little drop of glue.

Among thirty of the animal models is a real specciallity the wooden puzzle Dragon of Ljubljana which is the mostly recognised symbol of Ljubljana, the slovenian capital. The product is certified "Arts and Crafts product".  Here is how to assemble the Ljubljana dragon puzzle - VIDEO.

The second speciality is the wooden puzzle of the Nativity set, also certified "Arts and Crafts product".


These puzzles are suitable for younger children but not younger than three years, available in different difficulty levels, assembling them is real fun and very easy. They are painted by human- and nature-friendly colours.


At the moment there are more than fifty different motives of wooden decorative ornaments available. They can decorate your home, your christmass tree or make the giftwrap really adorable.

Chandeliers are hexagonal, their sides can be combined among more than twenty different motives in different ways so you can create a unique product by your own choice. The cosy warmth of the lit candelier will throw the magic shaddows of the motives in your room. The chandeliers are to be assembled without glueing. They are available in two sizes, they come together with the glass cartridge and the candle.

The magnets can be a lovely little gift or a cosy souvenir from your trip. They stick to all metal surfaces, most commonly used on a fridge, where they are strong enough to hold a sheet of paper or two. They are made from differently coloured wooden layers, assembled by hand and glued by eco environmet friendly glue.

The jewelry is made from birch plywood which enables more firm and stable product and durability. We produce mainly earrings and necklecess, but the particles can be used as a pendant on other items aswell, such as key chains, mobile phone etc. The finished products can be only milled or colored by a natural and non harmful colour that expresses the wood structure on the product.

Orders are accepted via e-mail janez.jevnikar@gmail.com, our contact form or via telephone +386 41 575 295, we send our products all over the globe, for larger orders is postage free of charge.

Feel free to contact us if any questions present, if supplementary parts needed or if you are not satisfied with the product, we look forward to assisting you in any case.

Our products are not suitable for children under three years of age due to choking hazard.
The products are copyrighted. Any kind of duplication is forbidden by law.