Yoga is for everyone.  Through the physical and mental practices of yoga, a person can achieve deep relaxation that helps maintain inner peace and a positive self-image. 

For women, Yoga is especially helpful for the natural transitions of life.  You will find many simple practices to help you stay healthy, calm, and strong, and to carry you forward in a natural progression toward wisdom, real beauty, and the strength of realized grace that belongs to all women.

While yoga is essentially a spiritual path, it is at the same time a process that contributes to better physical, mental and emotional health.  Some practitioners seek the spiritual benefits.  Others seek the relaxation and stress relief it brings.  Others practice it for specific health benefits.  The choice is yours.

Hatha Yoga. This is what most people think of as yoga.  Here you find the physical postures, poses, and exercises that work directly on the body and, in turn, on the mind.  People are attracted to Hatha yoga because its benefits are felt immediately.  It relaxes the body, calms the mind, and brings greater awareness to your life.

The most popular form of yoga today,
Hatha can be defined in two ways.  First, the word divides into "ha", which in Sanskrit means sun, and "tha", which is the moon.  Therefore, Hatha is often interpreted to mean the "balance" of opposites (male and female) within a person.  Another meaning of Hatha is "forceful" or "effort", which signifies transformation through the effort or force of the physical body.

Asanas, literally "steady poses", are yoga postures and exercises that enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  The physical body is a temple for the spirit.  Yoga postures, or asanas, keep the body healthy and the mind calm, creating an atmosphere in which the spirit can flow more easily.


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Yoga is the union of the Body and Mind
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