Woman to Woman


    Well already, not being able to have any moss grow under our feet, we  reserved  the Lighthouse at Ripon Community Church for Woman to Woman. 
    We will meet starting in October, thinking by that time we have rested up from summer family time, summer vacations and summer cook outs!!  Whew, who  was to know that fun could be such work.



    Sitting in my front yard, iPad in hand, I am excited over developing a study using the book of Job from the Old Testament.  There will be a uniqueness in how this will be presented.  It is going to cover loss, cover healthy friendships, cover how to endure ( the ticket to being "Woman"), and cover how introducing ourself to God, even though He already knows us right well, (should probably delve into that huge subject a tad), makes all the above possible.



    Woman to Woman will meet the 2nd and 4th Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 each month.    Please come and join a group of great people looking at life in the way that brings fullness of a certain direction for every individual.  There is no charge and no offering.  Just come as you are.


Would love seeing you,                                                                                                                                 Janette Stone

 Questions:  Justeen Bond

(920) 872-2180  or justeenb@centurytel.net