Whole Woman Conference

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The Whole Woman Conference
returns to the beautiful
Heidel House Resort
in Green Lake, Wisconsin,
January 25-26, 2014.

Keeping Promises!

Whole Woman Conference 2013


Janette Stone
Director of Olive Tree Ministries
While once more walking through a cemetery, caught up in the wonder of the lives that were spent in so many different spans of time, I began counting the years that each individual had been given.  The fact that a particular individual was allotted a set amount, while another was given either a larger amount or smaller amount of years to be friending whoever they friend, married to whomever they marry, mothering/fathering whomever they parent or just BE at the place they were.

The romance of the story each carries while living became true to me.  Not each story plot, but that each is now authoring their unique, never to be written again story.  The story is in the dash between the bookends of the date of birth and date of death of every person.

The thrill of how to live the dash to overflowing, will be shared by Janette.



Rebekah Binkley Montgomery
has a heart for practical service ministry.

 In the past, she administrated local ministerial association's emergency program.  Presently, Rebekah spearheads numerous private and public outreaches from hurricane relief to housing rehab to emergency food baskets.  
For this, she was awarded Kewanee Business and Professional Women's "2009 Women of the Year."

On an international level, she is involved with Clamor de la Barrio (Argentina), Canaan Orphanage, Pierre Payen Hospital and Clinic (Haiti), and is establishing Haiti's first-ever cancer clinic.  For her private ministry , she is the 2010 recipient of the Beyond Me Award for "humbly modeling a 'you-first life in a me-first world."

Additionally, she speaks for retreats, conferences, children's camps, and Bible schools domestically as well as in Argentina, the West Bank and Haiti.

A former editor and publisher, she is the author of many articles and nine Christian inspiration books, the latest of which is "Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus" (Leafwood: August 3013).

She is a staff member of Galva First Baptist Chruch and wife of 43 years to John.  They have three grown children, Mary, Joel, Daniel, and three wonderful grandchildren.  


Sue Leonard is a wife,mother of five grown children, and the grandmother of thirteen grandchildren, with two more on the way! She and her husband Mike live in Rosendale, Wi.  Sue loves spending time with family and friends.

Sue shares praise and worship to our Lord in song and is committed to sharing the gospel and her love for the Lord and what He has done in her life, with others. To Her delight,God has opened doors for Her to serve Him through speaking opportunities, practically applying God's Word.

Sue enjoys sharing stories; heart warming, meaningful, and silly stories.She loves to laugh and shares the joy of the Lord.

            Mike Mastaw

Mike Mastaw is currently serving Rawhide, Inc. as Youth Services Training.

As Janette says, it sometimes takes a man.  And we totally are in agreement as Mike "man's up" these past few years, coming and sharing what God has taught him to a room full of women!  It is a delightful opportunity to see him sincerely offer the significance of a man's viewpoint of life's lessons in the style that wins the hearts of the women as he shows himself as he uses God, using him.  Or as Mike might be apt to phrase it, as God uses Mike, using God!!!


Meal Choices:
1. Tuscan Rubbed Chicken Breast: Roasted with Garlic, Bacon and a Balsamic Reduction.  Served over Red Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables.   
2. Turkey Sandwich: Served with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, Lime Coleslaw and Swiss Cheese on Wheatberry Bread or Ciabatta Roll.
3. Chicken Caesar Salad: Grilled Chicken Breast atop a bed of crisp Romaine Lettuce tossed in Caesar Dressing with garlic croutons, shaved red onions and parmesan cheese.

To make reservations at the special Whole Woman Conference rate ($53.00), you can:
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     2.  If you do not have a credit card, click on the registration form at the bottom.  Print the form, fill it out and send in the form with your check made out to: Olive Tree Ministries
          Mail to:
          Justeen Bond
          P.O. Box 520
          Rosendale, WI   54974


      3.  Questions call: 920-872-2180
      4.  To stay overnight go to www.HeidelHouse.com for information about the Heidel House Resort.  Mention: Whole Woman Conference / Olive Tree Ministries  
            for the special price of $83.

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday, January 25, 2014


7:30-8:00        Registration - Main Lobby

8:00-8:30        Praise & Worship - Dartford Ballroom / Coffee - Tea - Danish

8:30-9:30        Keynote Speaker: Rebekah Montgomery

9:30-9:45          Break

9:45-10:45        Speaker: Mike Mastaw

10:45-11:45       Speaker / Singer: Sue Leonard 

12:00-12:45      Luncheon (included with your registration)

12:45-1:30         Discussion: Led by Mike Mastaw  or  Free time

1:30-2:00           Praise & Worship

2:00-3:15           Keynote Speaker: Rebekah Montgomery

3:15-3:30           Break

3:30-4:30           Janette Stone: "The Dash Is What Is Important"


6:00-7:00          Workshops - Vendors

7:00-7:15            Praise & Worship /Announcements       

7:15-8:15             Janette Stone: “Chatting with Janette”

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Sunday, January 26, 2014  

6:30 am                  Breakfast Buffet or order off menu in Sunroom Restaurant

8:30-8:45              Praise & Worship with Kathy Westra

8:45-9:00              Announcements

9:00-10-00         Keynote Speaker: Rebekah Montgomery

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“The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”  Ps 121:8

Janette Stone,
Jan 12, 2013, 7:26 AM