Sixteen Stones At Disney

posted Jan 12, 2012, 1:32 PM by Justeen Bond
Bill and I will be married 50 years this coming August.  The 4th to be exact.  As we were thinking what we would want to do to make that a special, meaningful event, we knew that we wanted to make it a marking off place for our family more than for anyone else.  Sorry those of you that are in the anyone else

We decided to take the entire family, our three sons, three daughter-in-laws and eight grandchildren to Disney World.  Looking at everyone's schedule it was obvious that the only time that each person in our family had free was over Christmas break.  

So, we made reservations for two suites and one small room.  Combining families in different ways, we knew that that arrangement would work.  (Those who know me will know that when I say "we" I really mean Bill.  He is the detail person in this marriage.  I am the idea person.)

We were at Disney from Christmas Eve until New Year's Eve.  Everyone in the family was touched not so much with Disney, but with how well the members of the Stone family got along.  Each one felt a freedom to do what they chose to do and also not do what they did not want to do.

I, of course, took the little figurines I have written about in the last Journey With Janette.  So the first evening there we went through the story of how the Stones have become a family, starting with again, the snowmen of Papa and Grandma.  Afterwards I started a prayer and Papa was to finish it after giving anyone who wanted to the opportunity to pray.  Can I tell you that when hearing 8 year old Peter thanking God and then 4 year old Jonah thanking Him also, my heart was full?

Thinking back on this time and seeing the attitude of the family toward each other, being who I am doing what I have spent so many years doing as a counselor, I needed to know what brought about that acceptance of each other even though there are so many different personalities in the Stone family.

The one thing I know that has made acceptance, comfort and allowing others to just be, is the absence of gossip.  I do not talk about one son to another, nor one daughter-in-law to another.  And the same holds true with Bill.  In fact Bill and I do not spend time when there is just the two of us critiquing our children and their families.  So, I guess it is not so much what is in the family that made the Disney trip so easy, it is what is not in the family.