About Olive Tree Ministries

To know more about Olive Tree Ministries, one needs to know something about its founder and director, Janette Stone. She has spent most of her life helping others through God’s word. A former school teacher, Janette opened three pre-schools, one in Michigan and two in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Two of them are still in operation. People began to seek her out to speak on the topic of children. “Through speaking, people want to talk to you, and that evolved into counseling” states Janette. This led her to create JS Ministries (Janette Stone Ministries) which focused on utilizing God’s word in counseling. JS Ministries later changed its name to Olive Tree Ministries in 1990.

Olive Tree Ministry activities over the past 20 years include:

  • Three pre-schools
  • Teen Drop in Center by Goodrich High School in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Help for local family needs
  • Seminar leader training
  • Newsletter
  • Morning spots on KFIZ
  • Workshops on priorities for businesses
  • Burning Bones Club -- Bible reading support
  • Young Moms Group
  • Christian Cinema

Olive Tree Ministries was instrumental in bringing the following to the Fox Valley Area:

  • Mike McManus, co-founder of Marriage Savers
  • Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist, author, & speaker who regularly appears on Fox News Channel
  • Elizabeth Elliott, influential Christian woman, author, noted for book and movie "Through Gates of Splendor" that tells how her husband was killed in Ecuador by Auca Indians when they were missionaries
  • Bill Glass Crusade, Bill Glass, Founder of Champions for Life Ministries

Olive Tree Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization staffed totally by volunteers. Currently its focus is on establishing the Whole Woman Conference as an annual event for women who want to learn more about the Bible’s role in everyday life. The conference features various activities, worship, seminars, & speakers on timely topics geared toward women’s issues. Former keynote speakers include Jill Briscoe, Rhea Briscoe, Jeanette Cliff, Elizabeth Elliott, and Edith Schaffer.

Throughout the years of service, individual people and businesses have generously given to the Olive Tree Ministries. These gifts have been used to finance all of the activities mentioned above and also occasionally to support educational opportunities for individual advancement. In addition, these donations have been used as scholarship money for counseling services. Since Olive Tree Ministries is a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

We encourage people to always support their local church, of course, but would appreciate consideration of giving to the Olive Tree Ministries. To make a donation, contact Olive Tree Ministries by e-mail at janettestone2@gmail.com. If there are any questions, please call (920) 872-2180. When leaving a message, please mention your interest in donating to Olive Tree Ministries.

 “The only real sin is not doing something. God does not condemn us for doing a bad job; he condemns us for not doing the job at all.”