Olive Tree Ministries would like to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all people and to encourage and stimulate personal growth in Christ. It seeks not to be identified with any one denomination but to be supportive of the central truths of faith.

Meet the founder of Olive Tree Ministries.

    Janette Stone, the director and founder of Olive Tree Ministries, has spent most of her life helping others through God’s word.  She was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. After teaching in the public schools, starting a pre-school, getting married and having three sons, her husband’s work brought her to Wisconsin.  She has now been in Wisconsin for over 30 years.    

       After opening two pre-school facilities in Fond du Lac, she found herself being sought out as a speaker on the topic of children. “Through speaking, people want to talk to you and that evolved into counseling,” says Janette. Janette created JS Ministries (Janette Stone Ministries) and, as a Christian counselor, applied God’s word as the opportunities presented themselves through her counseling of individuals, families, adults, and children. JS Ministries later changed its name to Olive Tree Ministries. “This ministry is used for truly helping people. What was said years ago is still used today and is still workable in today’s culture,” says Janette.   

    “Our society is becoming so serious that we do crazy things to relieve ourselves. We need to try not to lose sight and remember to have fun in life,” Janette has commented. Maybe that is why one cannot help but feel a sense of energy and youthfulness about Janette.   

    Janette is a well-respected Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, author, and Christian counselor.  She has written five books, The Mommy Person, The Daddy Person, The Sandbox, Sick Henry, and New Shoes and has developed a series called Henry Talks to God. She uses the truths of the Scripture in a humorous and forthright way and is sought after as a keynote speaker by service clubs, churches, retreats, and conferences. A great deal of her time is spent in counseling others and in study. She is truly a Christian example, a teacher of the Word, and lives her life accordingly.






APRIL 14, 2018


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A Letter from Janette Stone

 "As parents and grandparents we would love for those who we care for never to even have to walk around a barrier, much less have one in their life.  But, we have learned haven't we, that is not reality.  They are going to have moments and maybe years that will drive us, the persons who would cut their arm off for them, to our kneels pleading with Jesus to remove what is wrong, to plant what is right or make the ones we love strong enough to go through whatever circumstance that we fear will destroy them either spiritually, mentally or physically.

     I am a mother/grandmother who is not ashamed to say my favorite people on this planet are my children and my children's children.  I pay close attention to how they look when I see them, how their voices sound on the phone and yes, what they write on email or face book.  If for some reason the look, voice or message causes me concern, I have learned to be quicker in taking my worry to God and not running to my adult children to "fix" it.  I have learned to talk to God more about my children/grandchildren than I talk to them about God.

    Since I am so partial to who is mine, I suspect that I would knowingly stand in the way of God teaching them the depth of who He is and also who they are.  I would do that so that they felt no pain.  I know that has caused many very swallow prayers being said when one of mine needed pleading for. 

     The joy of being able to carry each one into the very holy of holies, into the very presence of God - the one who really can put a complete hedge around each loved one, whenever I am moved to pray this for them,  "Oh Dear Father, thank you for welcoming each of the ones I love so much just by me carrying them into your presence by praying for them."

     Because of my tendency to always have another agenda...good health, money, no pain and - well, just everything for mine....the suspicion of the impurity of some of my prayers has led me to prayer the scripture for them.

     An example would be using Psalm 91 that says "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to The Lord, My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."

     This is how I pray this scripture for mine.."Oh Dear Jesus have my son dwell in your shelter.  Let him know that he is in your shadow.  Please let him accept You as his refuge and fortress.  Oh Dear Jesus, have him trust you."

     It is a powerful God we have and His word NEVER returns void.  I have listed a few scriptures that could be prayed for the ones you hold as dear as I do mine:

Psalm 103:20; 112:9; 128:3-4; 119 (the whole chapter)

Jeremiah 1:9, 12

John 15:2-3

Ecclesiastes 12:11

Isaiah 43:25; 54:13-15

1Corinthians 7:14

And of course there are many more powerful words to pray over your loved ones that God has given us. God listens to every word you say, every thought you have and loves the ones you love."

     Janette Stone