John's Epic Bike Trip 2016!


Before and after travel...
Dropped off bike at harpers, May 17, 2016 with 99,757 miles, pickedup bike at Harpers on August 4th, 2016, 110,866 miles, total of 11,109 miles driven over six weeks.

And so the trip of a life time starts.  Our first date was to the top of Maunakea on November of 1983.  So long ago it seems, but it was on my trusty 1974 Honda 350 enduro.  Later after getting married, I found an old BMW motorcycle in with most of the parts in boxes at a local cycle shop.  I purchased it and rebuilt it, great fun, but then one day kids shows up in our life, so I stopped riding.  

Now that the kids have left the nest, and the planets and stars and life has lined up, and more so I have the blessing of a most wonderful spouse, life mate and amazing person to do this trip.  I found an old 2004 R1150gs BMW on Maui and shipped it home.  Replaced the clutch, rebuilt the gearbox, and beefed up the rear suspension, I think I'm ready for this.

The plan... who needs a plan...
ship the bike to arrive June 1st in San Diego
Return to San Diego by July 14th...  I think I can do this!  Stay tuned for images, stories and great tales of riding a motorcycle from San Diego to Alaska 2016!

Want to see where Coney is, check out "", with
john coney February 21, 2016


  • March 21, 2016, booked bike on Pasha to SanDiego.  Set to arrive May 23, ready for pickup May 27th
  • April 11, Flight book to San Diego on Hawaiian, arrive 5/29 at 11:17pm.
  • April 16, Set valves, and sync fuel injectors).  Added gps bike mount and preping tools, camping equipment and supplies for trip.
  • April 26, map night, plan to get some great guidance on trip planning.
  • May 17th, drop bike off at Harpers for Pasha shipping.  Bike is being shipped out of Hilo.  Guys wrapped it up well.   Ran into Childers on the way to Harpers, great to see him.  Big Mahalos to Wesley for the ride and humor!  Ran into Francis on the way to drop off the bike, and here is a fun picture.

  • Gazebo almost done...
    The gazebo project
  • I fly out on the 29th, and head to Morrow Bay, then inland to Yosemite.  I tried to book a campsite last night, but booked for Sept 2nd, not June 2nd.  Yikes! 
  • May 29th, up early for a trip to Halemaumau for photos, back for breakfast after a quick nap and headed tot he airport.

  • Fun morning trip to the park for sunrise!  Breakfast and off to the airport...  
  • Happy Memorial Day 5/30
  • Alas, made it to California.  Checked into hotel at midnight after deciding to forgo the in-n-out burger stop.  Room smells pretty bad, and felt like bugs all over, no other rooms, but the next day moved into a nice clean room.  Note to self, let credit card companies know about your adventures.  The surprise was on me at Walmart when the credit card didn't work.  I got a call from Janet while I was at walmart mentioning, that we didn't tell them about the trip.  You would figure, booking rental car, airplane and hotel in my name I might be traveling.  But, no fear, it all worked out.  Over to REI, can't pass that store up with 25% off, nice deal for sure.  The cool tiny chair, was just a little to spendy for me, maybe next time, but oh so small and comfortable. Packed for several days worth of miles, I headed for the beach, coffee in hand.  On the way, had a great time chatting with sister Nubee about a fun memorial day party she was holding for the kids.  Looking forward to seeing her on the way back down.  
    Lunch found me at In-N-Out Burger, chocolate milkshake and a double-double, nice..  I needed that, but Unfortunately, I don'y think I should do to many of those meals.
  • A shout-out to Greg Flanagan, we touched base on FB  messenger, and sounds like we will enjoy some wonderful Abalone soon.  I had really hoped to see him and Mary on the way up, but I don't think that will happen, until I'm on my way back down.     So m

  • uch more to write about, but alas, time to hit the hay.  11pm, looks like weather is on, but hey does it matter.  No sleep night before, so sleep calls.  I hope they bike is released, as I really don't want to spend another night at this roach motel, well no roaches, but the crab in elevator... Hmmm, I should have taken a picture.

Follow the pages on the left as I update them.  I have become addicted to Tim Horton's as they have free internet.  Tonight we make Alaska, late tonight, but tonight.  Fairbanks will be a short drive from one Tok over the Canadian line, and we are looking at a few days in Fairbanks before the final push.  Back to Hortons, I''ll get into adding pics back in soon.  Slow internet, I realized breaking things up might be easier.  I've not taken as many pics as I thought, as it is really amazing.

Animal Check list
Bison, lots of them
Moose, big little 
Ravens (tons, See Banf for the rascal bird and my bike)
Raccon (Mayor of camp at Morro Bay)
  • Stay tuned for more fun!

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