Recent pre-prints and publications

"Quantum Thermodynamics", an overview article,
S. Vinjanampathy, J. Anders,
arxiv 1508.06099 (2015)

"Quantum correlation of light scattered by disordered media",
I. Starshynov, J. Bertolotti, J. Anders,
Optics Express 24, 4662 (2016)

Quantum Thermodynamics and Non-equilibrium dynamics

"Thermal energies of classical and quantum damped oscillators coupled to reservoirs",
T. Philbin, J. Anders,
J. Phys. A
49, 215303 (2016)

"Coherence and measurement in quantum thermodynamics",
P. Kammerlander, J. Anders,
Scientific Reports
6, 22174 (2016)

"From single-shot towards general work extraction in a quantum thermodynamic framework",
J. Gemmer, J. Anders,
New Journal of Physics
17, 085006 (2015)

"Nanoscale temperature measurements using non-equilibrium Brownian dynamics of a levitated nanosphere",
J. Millen, T. Deesuwan, P. Barker, J. Anders,
Nature Nanotechnology
9, 25 (2014)

"Thermodynamics of discrete quantum processes",
J. Anders, V. Giovannetti,
New Journal of Physics
15, 033022 (2013)

“Landauer’s principle in the quantum regime”,
S. Hilt, S. Shabbir, J. Anders, E. Lutz,
Phys. Rev. E (Rapid)
83, 030102 (2011)

Quantum Computation

"Adiabatic graph-state quantum computation",
B. Antonio, D. Markham, J. Anders,
New Journal of Physics
16, 113070 (2014)

"Ancilla-driven quantum computation with twisted graph states",
E. Kashefi, J. Anders, D.K.L. Oi, D.E. Browne, E. Andersson,
Theoretical Computer Science
430, 51 (2012)

“Ancilla-Driven Universal Quantum Computation”,
J. Anders, D.K.L. Oi, E. Kashefi, D.E. Browne, E. Andersson,
Phys. Rev. A (Rapid
) 82, 020301 (2010)

“Computational power of correlations”,
J. Anders, D. E. Browne,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 050502 (2009)

“How much of one-way computation is just thermodynamics?”,
J. Anders, M. Hajdusek, D. Markham, V. Vedral,
Found. Phys. 38, 506 (2008)

Thermal entanglement & BEC

“Thermal state entanglement in harmonic lattices",
J. Anders
Phys. Rev. A
77, 062102 (2008)

“Survival of entanglement in thermal states”,
D. Markham, J. Anders, V. Vedral, M. Murao, A. Miyake,
Europhys. Lett.
81 4006 (2008)

“Entanglement and separability of quantum harmonic oscillator systems at finite temperature”,
J. Anders, A. Winter,
Quant. Inf. & Comp.
8:3&4, 0245 (2008),    (e-print 0705.3026 [quant-ph])

“Spatial Entanglement From Off-Diagonal Long Range Order in a BEC”,
L. Heaney, J. Anders, D. Kaszlikowski, V. Vedral,
Phys. Rev. A
76, 053605 (2007)

“Macroscopic Entanglement and Phase Transitions”,
J. Anders, V. Vedral,
Open Syst. & Inf. Dyn. 14, 1 (2007)

“Detecting entanglement with a thermometer”,
J. Anders, D. Kaszlikowski, Ch. Lunkes, T. Ohshima, V. Vedral,
New Journal of Physics
8, 140 (2006)

Other topics

"Topological features of good resources for measurement-based quantum computation",
D. Markham, J. Anders, M. Hajdusek, V. Vedral,
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 23, 1 (2013)

"Increasing complexity with quantum physics",
J. Anders, K. Wiesner,
Chaos 21, 037102 (2011)

“Measurement Based Quantum Computation on Fractal Lattices”,
D. Markham, J. Anders, M. Hajdusek, V. Vedral,
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 26 109 (2010)

“Landauer’s principle in the quantum domain”,
J. Anders, S. Shabbir, S. Hilt, E. Lutz,
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 26 13 (2010)

“Quantum entanglement between the electron clouds of nucleic acids in DNA”,
E. Rieper, J. Anders, V. Vedral,
arxiv 1006.4053v2 (2010)

“Entanglement at the quantum phase transition in a harmonic lattice”,
E. Rieper, J. Anders, V. Vedral,
New Journal Physics
12, 025017 (2010)

“Bell-inequality test for spatial mode entanglement of a single massive particle”,

L. Heaney, J. Anders,
Phys. Rev. A
80, 032104 (2009)

“Twisted graph states for ancilla-driven universal quantum computation”,
E. Kashefi, D. K. Oi, D. E. Browne, J. Anders, E. Andersson,
Elec. Not. Theo. Comp.Sci.
249, 307 (2009)

“The Role of Classical Computation in Measurement-Based Quantum Computation”,
D.E. Browne, J. Anders,
LNCS 5028, 94 (2008)

"Spatial Entanglement of a Free Bosonic Field",
L. Heaney, J. Anders, V. Vedral,
arxiv quant-ph/0607069 (2006)

"The Singapore Protocol: Incoherent Eavesdropping Attacks",
J. Anders, H.K. Ng, B.-G. Englert, S.L. Looi,
arxiv quant-ph/0505069 (2005)

"Efficient and Robust Quantum Key Distribution With Minimal State Tomography",
(Singapore protocol),
B.-G. Englert, D. Kaszlikowski, H.K. Ng, W.K. Chua, J. Řeháček, J. Anders,
arxiv quant-ph/0412075 (2004)