What We Believe

What We Believe:

The authority of God's Word

The Creator God as Heavenly Father, perfect, holy, all powerful. 

Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord God in human flesh, the object of our worship, the focus of our praise. 

The Holy Spirit as the third member of the Trinity, tirelessly at work, convicting, convincing and comforting. 

Salvation through faith in Christ which creates in us newness of life and is our guarantee of eternal life. 

The experience of the Spirit-filled life which occurs when the believer presents himself as a living sacrifice to God and is given in return the fullness of God's Spirit. 

The imminent return of the Lord Jesus to claim His people. 

The resurrection of the dead, some to everlasting communion with God; others to everlasting separation from God. 

The great commission to spread the good news in our homeland and around the world. 

The body of Christ, both local and universal, as it exists to proclaim God's truth, to demonstrate love, and to bring glory to Christ.