Project manager working collaboratively to create digital science apps and curriculum to engage students and improve education.
As a project manager and product owner, I seek to build efficient and creative teams that work agilely to produce quality products that improve the landscape for users, especially young learners.

As a learning designer, I develop middle school science curriculum, and digital simulations and tools for deeper content understanding. I am driven to improve science education through effective use of technology and learning design. I believe the confluence of technology, learning sciences, and game-based models can help learners of all ages gain essential skills.

As a teacher, my favorite positions were middle school science. I successfully guided students in biology, chemistry, Spanish language and literature, and algebra I. I designed and led projects in cultural exchange, biking, and art.

In all positions, I collaborate effectively and seek to improve team efficiency and positive productivity.
A role as project manager or product owner, emphasizing efficient workflows and producing quality products that consider the user and contribute to improving the greater community, ideally in education technology.

Professional Interests
  • effective and efficient project management
  • digital apps for learning or improve quality of life
  • learning design
  • game-based learning
  • learning analytics
  • human computer interaction