Practical Arrangements

The first thing is for you to simply contact me. We will then arrange an initial consultation - a conversation is which I will talk to you about your background, family history, lifestyle and what is bringing you to therapy. From this first meeting we will both be able to see if we are happy to work together. We will then draw up a basic contract identifying whether you want short term therapy (6-8 sessions) or open-ended therapy. This can be flexible. Sessions will then take place weekly - at the same time, in the same place and on the same day - though there can be flexibility for shift work.

I ask for payment at the end of each session, a session is £55 - this can be either by cash or bank transfer. Sessions last for 50 minutes - but if for some reason you arive late the session will still finish on time to accommodate my next client. We will need to discuss holidays, both yours and mine. I ask that you give me notice of yours at least a month in advance, and I shall do the same. If you have to cancel a session, or miss one at short notice (depending on the counselling centre up to 7 days) fees will still be charged.

Picture: Francis Cadell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons