These Wings will fly

Jan Maree Elliott  20060705

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On the back streets of Dunedin on a cold, cold winter’s night.

The train tracks they are leading to a place way out of sight

I miss my baby
I miss him good

I don’t say maybe

I say we should, should, should

On the great wide open harbour, city lights reflected there

Reveal that I’ve been waiting, now my heart has been laid bare

I miss my man

He waits alone

We call each other

On the telephone, phone, phone

I’ve talked and I have listened, to the friends that I am with

My head says just don’t go there, but my heart it’s in a grip

I love you baby

You love me too

It’s not plain sailing

From my point of view, view, view


I’m happy when I’m with you, I’m lonely when I’m not

But I don’t know if that’s enough to give this love a shot

I want to be the one you love that gives you everything

I want to be the one in life that makes your heart have wings

I miss you baby

I’m flying high

I’m coming home

These wings will fly, fly , fly

Across the sea and rivers to the far north of this land

You’re playing in the valley

I just want to hold your hand…