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Missing you

Missing You ( in G# with lead in F minor ) 

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 Jan Rapley ( Jan Elliott)

16th of April 2004

G# C# G#

G# C# G#

G# C# G#

They say that looking back is a mistake

G# C# G#

If I look in my heart there’s a key in a lock called fate

F minor C#

To love someone like you in life is rare

F minor C#

I wouldn’t let you go again, on this I swear


I wouldn’t dare

Fminor C# G# D#

Once you would listen, I would give you my advice

F minor C#

But it wasn’t worth the telling

G# D#

Because I hadn’t lived your life

Like a river rushing by it was swift and clean

A friendship torn apart it was all a bad dream

There were nightmares too and all I could do was cry

Pass you in the street but never stop to say Hi

I didn’t try

I’ve lived my life in hiding, fearful and aloof

Afraid that if I trusted someone

I’d find a hole and fall right through

I was hiding from the truth because my heart felt torn

I didn’t tell you at the time I simply shut the door

Not you’re going away, leaving town and I need you to know

Inside my heart is crying, please don’t go

I’ll miss you so

Just wanted to see you one more time

Just wanted to be with you and know you’re feeling fine

To celebrate the love that we both share

Look in your eyes and know that you still care

After all this time


The memories run deep along this rail

Precious thought so dear and yet so frail

Where the sky meets the sea and the deep blue oceans call

Where a grain of the softest sand will never fall

We’ll stand tall

We’ll stand tall

Verse; G, G/C G; G G/C G : C , Em , C, Em , D

Bridge: Em, C, G, D, ( repeat )