Journey of Dreams

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Jan Elliott

8th of March 2006

Capo on 2

[D] I’m taking an airplane, I’m taking a train

[E7sus4] I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again

I’m looking at your face and saying goodbye

All I want to do is cry and cry

I want to be moved to know if it’s true

I want to be touched and held forever by you

But I am not ready I need to be inside

Open a door and open it wide

When you [Em7] take me

On a [A] journey of dreams

That’s when you [Em7] make life

So much [A] more than it [D] seems

If we had this moment, if I had a plan

We’d still be together walking hand in hand

With love always growing it’s easier to live

I have to learn to live and give and give

We are all angels in the here and now

Our love is complete but we forget how

We battle ourselves in unconsciousness

Playing a big game of hit and miss

If this feeling lingered on in our lives

There’d be moonshine

And the sound of love’s sighs….. love’s sighs

But I am not ready to give up all my pain

Everywhere that I go seems to eternally rain

A monsoon of love is beckoning me

I just don’t know how to set myself free