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Jan Elliott

(7th February 2006 )


Capo on 3rd Fret

F F C Bb F

Life is so fragile Like an indrawn breath

F C Bb F

Suddenly no childish smile No bird on the wing

Gm C

We’re standing in a river

Gm Dm7 C

With all our hopes and dreams

Gm C

Then we let go

Dm7 C F

And float downstream

Sometimes we drown in sorrow

Sometimes we drown in love

I’d rather be moving

Than standing on the shore

Swimming in the open

Through loves shining door

There is no beginning

There is no end

Simply be happy

With the life you’re in

Swimming in a river

Love is, forever

You are a mother

You are a child

You are a father

Stay with me a while

We’re standing in a river

We’re staying together

Dream of a moment

That has everything

Then hold your heart out

And just let it sing

Breathe in an ocean

Life is in motion