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Fallen Flowers

Fallen Flowers

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 Jan Rapley (Jan Elliott )

July 1996

Intro A > E 2 bars.

Returning to your homeland

A place that I had known

I dialled your mother’s number

My hand shook on the phone


In a scented pillow

Memories of you reside

We held each other close

Letting our hearts collide

You met me at the station

I hid from you at first

I watched you searching for me

Felt my heart would surely burst


You rushed to take a picture

Reminded me to laugh

The first one didn’t work out

Like we hadn’t in the past


Intro A > E 2 bars.

We spent the day together

Strangers smiled at us

That night felt like forever

But the world turned around too fast

We said goodbye like children

Not wanting to let go

Later scented flowers spilled around me

Then my tears began to flow