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Welcome to my website for Portraits and Paintings in Oils, Pencils or Water colours. If you are looking for a Portrait of a favourite subject for yourself or as a gift, or perhaps an original  painting to add to or start your own collection, then I hope you will find something here. Commissioning a Portrait can be daunting and I make it as easy as possible with lots of examples of work I have done and many client testimonials, so that you know my work is trusted and that you are completely safe ordering from me. I back that up with a money back guarantee; which I can honestly say I have never had to provide. I also have a very affordable range of sizes and media, so there is something available for most budgets. I think everyone who wants to should be able to own at least a few pieces of original Art!

Oil portrait of two girls by Jane Indigo
Oil Portrait life size
Examples of Oil Portraits above.
As well as people, I portray all animals, even once, a mirror carp named Emily! I can work from life, where this is possible or from your photos. I can also take the photos when subject and location allow. I am based in the South East, near London. For Clients further afield and abroad, I work from your photos, send digital updates and get full approval before sending the completed Portrait safely and fully insured. There are several testimonials from clients in Europe and the US so you can feel perfectly confident  about ordering from abroad.  Please email enquiries and/or photos to me here mailto:janeindigo@gmail.com for free advice and quotation, or use the contact details at the end of the page.

Colour pencil portrait cat Jane Indigo
Lhasa Apsa pencil drawing Jane Indigo Moore

Pencil and Colour Pencil Portraits examples, above and right.

A bit about me.

I have been painting Portraits professionally for most of my working life. Though initially self taught, I did some Classical training in Italy a few years ago and earlier spent a year in the Studios of Master Realist, Ted Seth Jacobs, in France. My speciality is in capturing the individual spirit, as well as the physical likeness of the subject. This is expected in good Portraiture but I think it spills over into my general Wildlife and Equine art too. I love all animals but Arabian horses are a special obsession and I love to paint them whenever I have time to spare! I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful young stallion Om el Belissimo in California in 2012. and as you can probably see from my face; lost my heart totally! Like many Animal Artists I am deeply concerned with the threats faced by so many of our iconic species in today's world. I try to use my Art to help a bit; both by contribution to effective Conservation groups and by images I hope may remind people of what we stand to lose if they go forever.
Om el Belissimo with Animal Artist Jane Indigo Moore

I have exhibited with several Art Societies and major shows including The Society of Women Artists in Westminster, The Wild Arts Society, The Chelsea Annual Art Fair, the Sussex Ashdown Artists and most recently,
the Association of Animal Artists, of which I am proud to be a Member.

Past commission clients have included the Canadian rapper Drake and family in 2014, the CBS television Network in the USA, "Dragons of Walton Street" and "Angel Interiors" in London, and the Royal Court in Riyadh. I have also done numerous private commissions for normal everyday individuals and this is my main body of work and I love doing it!

Some of my Equine and Wildlife Art is sold as prints in the US  by "Tapestry Oils" and some of my original Paintings are also available here
Art Gallery.co.uk  while  Prints can also be purchased from Fine Art America here. If you are interested in an available original piece, you can also contact me directly for more detailed information and photos etc. 
Should you be interested you can also keep up to date with work, exhibitions etc  by visiting my Facebook page here
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For Portraits, Paintings or any other enquiries please contact me here

Tel: 01342 323475 Mob: 07955 298000 or  mailto:janeindigo@gmail.com