Hay-Lee, Bridesmaid:
"Jane spoke for my sister's wedding and she was absolute perfection. Her calm, soothing voice spoke beautifully kind words. She also told the journey the couple had been on to get to the alter, which was so sweet and unique. Honestly, of all of the weddings I've been to, Jane's officiating was top notch, the absolute best."

Graeme and Sophie:
“As a couple from two very different places in the world, with separate customs and traditions, Jane worked with us to carefully build a wedding that incorporated the perfect mix of our values and beliefs. She gently and creatively created a beautiful moment in our lives, that truly felt like our own.”

Graeme: “Jane was an amazing source of relief and island of support throughout my entire wedding, making sure all the “i”’s were dotted and “t”’s were crossed. Once I was at the altar there was nothing to think about but the enjoyment of getting married”

Sophie: ” What was important to us was important to Jane, she made our love story come to life before our eyes."

Roxanne Castellano

Jane is the absolute best. She's amazing to work with, warm and caring... and really gives your ceremony a personal touch. Would highly recommend her. Seriously! Look no further.

Lucie Kraus, Photographer: 
"It was lovely to be working with you, Jane. What an absolutely beautiful job you do. I am so glad you have taken this on, because people deserve to have special, personal ceremonies, and the way you tell their stories is perfect."

Jay and Kathy:
"Thank you so much for yesterday. You truly are a dream come true. Everyone was so very happy that we had chosen you to marry. Seriously Jane, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

"We want to thank you Jane for taking the time to make everything so perfect for our wedding day, the only day it didn't rain that week. ;-) You shared our love story with family & friends better than anyone could. Your professionalism is surpassed only for your dedication to making sure that the room was filled with so much love, smiles & laughter. "

"Thank you so much Jane.'' Love J & Kathy

Tyne Bloomfield:

"Before Jane, my husband and I viewed our ceremony as a "necessary evil" for getting married. We really weren't excited and thought it would be a dull slog no matter what.

Thank goodness for Jane!! Worth every penny and all our recently married friends bemoaned not having had her for their weddings. She really brings so much to the table it transcends everything, I truly believe that picking Jane to be our Celebrant was the best decision of the entire wedding planning (except for picking my hubby of course!).

She helped us with so many decisions and made the whole process so much easier, right down to emotional support when doubt would start to creep in about particularly personal touches we had chosen. I wish there were infinite Janes, because everyone should have the chance to have a ceremony choreographed, created and inspired by her."