The Wedding at  Drumbeg Park on Gabriola Island

About the ceremony:

Graeme is the son of a close friend of mine and I remember the day he was born. What a thrill and a true pleasure to be able create a wedding that captured the story of love and adventure for Graeme and his amazing bride Sophie. I woke up the day after the wedding wishing we could do the ceremony all over again. So much love on a sunny day in August.

A quote from the ceremony:

Sophie and Graeme. On one side of you is your Sea of Love, the waters of the Salish Sea. You also have a Sea of Love who has traveled from all around the world to witness your vows of marriage, and to celebrate the decision that your lives belong together. Choosing this place for a wedding ceremony recognizes the appreciation you both have for the Litherland family vision of island living, growing families and appreciating nature. Sophie chose this exact rock that she is standing on right now, I think from now on we can call it The Wedding Rock."