Fall Wedding Beside The Beach

Two thank you notes to me from Jay and Kathy: 
"Jane, thank you so much for yesterday. You truly are a dream come true. Everyone was so very happy that we had chosen you to marry us. Seriously Jane, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

"We want to thank you Jane for taking the time to make everything so perfect for our wedding day, the only day it didn't rain that week. ;-) You shared our love story with family & friends better than anyone could. Your professionalism is surpassed only for your dedication to making sure that the room was filled with so much love, smiles & laughter. "
Thank you so much Jane.'' Love J & Kathy

Imagine walking into Costco and meeting your future wife! 
This wedding was sweet for me right from the beginning. I appreciated the recommendation given for me by The Kingfisher Ocean Resort and Spa, but mostly I loved meeting Jay and Kathy. A great couple, an amazing story and the three of us spent hours and hours fine tuning their wedding ceremony. Richard sang a blessing for them while the legal documents were signed. I received so many compliments following this wedding, it truly warmed my heart and confirms for me that creating and officiating weddings is a calling for me.
A quote from the ceremony:

(Jane moves to speak directly to Kathy and Jay.)

"Kathy. It is so very clear that Jay truly loves you and he wants the whole world to know. He sees you as someone who is alive and full of fire.  He loves that you can spend hours together in conversation and that no matter when he kisses you, you always smile.  When you are apart, he yearns for you.  He believes you have the heart of an angel, you are his best friend and he will always protect you."

"Jay. Kathy knows you have an amazing and loving heart. You have reached her in a way that no one else ever has. She loves dancing with you in the kitchen and the travel and excitement you have brought to her life. Kathy also loves the warmth and compassion that you give her and she feels safe with you."