This book has been hailed by readers as "an exceptional achievement", "full of suspense and emotion, nicely balanced with some dry humor".

"... this author has an amazing gift of translating emotions from a page into the reader's very heart.  I FELT myself witnessing Rochester's journey as if I was there ... "

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Jane Eyre purists, rejoice!

You are in for a treat! No matter how many other Jane Eyre-based sequels or prequels you may have worked your way through, THIS story remains faithful to Charlotte Brontë’s original, while taking you deeply into Rochester's life, his emotions and his thoughts.

And regardless of which actor has been the Rochester of your imagination – Orson Welles, Timothy Dalton, Toby Stephens or Michael Fassbender – you will find in this book Edward Rochester's life told in nuanced detail.

Jane Eyre's Husband –
The Life of Edward Rochester

by Tara Bradley

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Jane Eyre's Husband tells the fascinating story of Edward Rochester's life in richly textured detail, revealing Rochester’s innermost thoughts, hopes, and passions. This is the Rochester of Charlotte Brontë’s novel: proud, arrogant, privileged, and searching for love and a better life. Beginning with his early years, then continuing to his time in Jamaica and his nightmarish first marriage, his desperate wanderings in Europe, his love for Jane Eyre and the tragedy that follows his attempt to marry her, his recovery from his injuries, and his married life with Jane, this story will take you inside the secret workings of Rochester’s mind.

Edward Rochester is one of literature's most compelling male characters, and this book discloses Rochester’s own intimate experience of his life in vivid narrative. This is a story that is always original, while set firmly within the context of Charlotte Brontë’s work.

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