Services We Offer

Counseling for Wellness, LLP offers services to families, individuals, couples and groups.  We are well known and well respected for treating each client with genuineness, respect and consideration.  We understand that every client is unique in his or her beliefs, experiences and ways of coping.  We pride ourselves in working to help our clients not only live better, but live in a healthier way.
In today's society, we believe that courtesy and treating people as we would want to be treated is lacking.  At Counseling for Wellness, LLP you will find counselors who understand your need to be met where you are and who will listen to what your needs are.  We don't have predetermined ideas of what you want from the counseling process.  We understand that you know in what areas of your life you are facing a difficult time and we will provide you with well thought out solutions that you can use in your life.
As our name implies, the counselors at Counseling for Wellness, LLP come from a wellness perspective.  Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with those whose lives are "going okay".  However, they feel they aren't getting the most they can out of life.  Using our unique perspectives, we have been able to guide and teach our clients how to enjoy and succeed in life.  They live happier and healthier lives due to the counseling they have received.  
We invite you to read the following client testimonials.