What's New

7/19/18- We would like to officially welcome our newest counselor, Daniel Krause, MS. Ed., LPC!

Dan came to us looking to expand his knowledge base and work specifically with families, couples, and kids. Check out his Bio under Clinical Counselors and Staff to learn a little more about our newest counselor.

7/1/18- Counseling For Wellness, LLC does not accept any forms of Medicare.

Please check with your insurance company to ensure coverage. It is your responsibility to let us know when your insurance is changing and to make sure the Counseling For Wellness, LLC and/or it's counselors are covered under your plan. If we are not covered and you have had sessions, it is your responsibility to cover the out of pocket cost. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

7/1/18- As of today, July 1st 2018 our practice name has changed from Counseling For Wellness, LLP to Counseling For Wellness, LLC.

What does this mean? - In the big scheme of everything, not much, other than a little inconvenience with having to sign new forms to reflect the name change. There also may be a delay with billing, so please bare with us throughout this process, we know it can be stressful when dealing with insurance. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail, call, or ask when you are in, we are all happy to answer anything; if we do not have the answer readily available, we will do what we can to have it answered for you shortly.