Jane Anne Jeffries

Integrated Ecology

In 1994 I took my first course in Integrated Ecology with Dr. Michael J. Cohen and Project Nature Connect. At the time, I was teaching fourth and fifth graders whose primary language was Spanish. As I practiced my lessons in the Richland Avenue Community Garden, my students and I learned to connect with Nature, and I began to see changes in children who had previously evidenced unacceptable behavior. 

Eventually, through Project NatureConnect courses, I met other teachers who were using Nature to help their students heal. We connected our students by email and began sharing experiences in nature:  from California to New York as first graders, and California to Wisconsin as third graders. I began meeting on San Juan Island in April and August with Dr. Cohen and other students, as well as attending workshops he led in Vancouver, B.C. and Pennsylvania. 


In 1996, I applied to Greenwich University and entered their Ph.D. program in Integrated Ecology, with Dr. Cohen as my Mentor. I worked a dual enrollment program, participating in Dr. Cohen's Ph.D. courses online while simultaneously studying special education at California State University, Dominguez Hills. My interest at CSUDH was children who were emotionally disturbed.

Currently, having finished Special Ed and Resource Specialist credentials, I am working on my final Ph.D. project -- a website for teachers and students who wish to communicate their experiences in Nature. 

Special Education Courses 

Thirty-three units of Special Education study at California State University, Dominguez Hills, consisted of the following courses:  GED 460 
GED 556 
GED 556s 
GED 558 
GED 560 GED 561 
GED 562 
GED 563 
GED 567 
GED 568 
GED 569 


Integrated Ecology Courses 

My Ph.D.coursework with Dr. Michael J. Cohen and Project NatureConnect participants is available by request and will soon be online. 


Conversations With Connection:

Project NatureConnect
National Wildlife Federation



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