Jane and Jeff bio

Jeff who is he? to put in simple terms he a psychopath and a killer that watches you while you sleep. he favorite saying is "go to sleep" he wasn't always like this even though people would argue that he was always like this and it just took some bullies to attack him. He killed his family after coming back from the hospital and finding out that his once brown hair is now ash black. His eyelids were burn off and he has scarlet red burn lips with a bright white face. he also carved a smile into his face so he could forever smile.

Jane, well you can say she became a psychopath thanks to Jeff. Jane was once a normal human like everyone else in this world until Jeff's family moved in. Then she slowly fell down the rabbit hole of insanity. Jeff killed her family and friends then burned her with bleach and gasoline. It ruined her face and her skin was brown and saggy. Her long black hair was now completely burned of. Jeff felt bad for failing at making her "beauitful" like him. So he sent her a present that was a black wig with a white mask that had the eyes darken out and a female smile on it. Also a black dress with black heels. Jane also sold her soul and became a demon so the mask is now her real face. she is also lesbian and has a burning hatred for Jeff. she plans to hunt him down and kill him for killing her happy life. She also gave herself the name Jane the everlasting because she wants Jeff's death to be everlasting. She also mocks Jeff's saying by saying "don't go to sleep, you won't wake up."