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Extra credit assignment and Socratic seminar (first 30 to sign up). Watch the Documentary "The True Cost" and complete 2 video questions up to 10 EC in test category. Earn up to an extra 15points for a total of 25 by participating in a 1hour Socratic seminar after school on Wednesday MArch 14th.

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    ‎Use these links to get information about organizations working to bring about change in the global market.‎
  • The True Cost Documentary   0k - Mar 2, 2018, 2:22 PM by Jonathan Andrews (v1)
    ‎Complete the Video guide while watching the documentary. If you want to participate in the socratic seminar (limited space) sign up after school on 3/6. Complete the paragraph responses at the end of the video guide and submit them to turnitin.com by 8pm on March 30th.  ‎
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