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Vegetables and Herbs (Seasonal)

List shows majority of items for 2017 season.

All tomatoes (4-1/2" pots), including heirloom varieties are only $2 ea. Many new varieties of Heirloom's we are excited to taste this season. Here's to the weather finally settling down and getting the garden's growing.

All Herbs and 4 pack vegetables are $2.50.



Sweet Basil

Purple Ruffles Basil



Greek Oregano

Hot & Spicy Oregano

Kent Beauty Oregano

Rosemary Barbeque

Curled Parsley

Lemon Verbena

Tri Color Sage

Tarragon (French)

Variegated Lemon Thyme

Winter Thyme

Sugarplant (Stevia)




Selection Tip: when choosing varieties, keep in mind that “determinates” ripen over 3-4 weeks on bushy vines that usually need no staking. “Indeterminate” vines continue to grow and produce fruit all season until frost. The large vines need support.


Early Girl - ounces; earliest full size; indeterminate; plants are very heavy-bearing and vigorous, with great resistance to various wilt diseases. 


The Roma tomato, also called the Italian plum, has an elongated oval, egg or pear shape and comes in red or yellow varieties. Smaller Romas may be called "baby Romas." The Roma is a disease-resistant tomato that makes it widely available and popular with home gardeners. Determinate

Big Boy

Fruits average 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more! Healthy, indeterminate vines produce all summer long.


Sun Sugar

A medium-sized, orange ripening cherry tomato, sought after for its intense sweet flavor. The fruits grow to a bit under an inch wide, with a thin skin that is very crack resistant. Sun Sugar plants fruit in huge quantities, with a single plant often bearing hundreds of fruits in a single season. The fruits have decent storage capabilities, generally lasting off the vine for 1-2 weeks. Flavor is highly sweet, with fruity overtones, setting the Sun Sugar apart from many of its red counterparts. Plants are vigorous and may grow to 6-7ft, though it will fruit nicely in containers.

Super Sweet 100

Bursting with sugary flavor. Scarlet, cherry-sized fruits are produced in long clusters right up to frost. Grow on stakes or fence. Indeterminate.

Black Pearl

A true treasure, 'Black Pearl' is two different flavors in one cherry tomato. Enjoy right off the vine, but be sure to put a big bowlful in the refrigerator for a special treat. When chilled, 'Black Pearl' has a unique, extra sweet, 'Concord' grape flavor. Indeterminate vines produce 1 1/2", purplish black fruits in abundance until fall. A rare pearl! Intermediate
Christmas Grape
Highly productive and easy-to-grow, this rewarding variety produces loads of 1-1/2 to 2 oz., bright scarlet-red fruits clustered in grape-like bunches. Fruits are very sweet at first bite, followed by strong tomato flavor

Red Pear 
One of the rarest of the heirloom varieties and still grown today! Hardy, medium-sized plants yield plenty of small, red, pear-shaped fruits with very few seeds.


A Bulgarian heirloom introduced in 1995. (Druzhba means friendship in Bulgarian.) Produces big harvests of smooth, blemish-free, round, deep-red, juicy, 10-ounce fruits. Excellent, robust, sweet/tart, juicy flavors. Good disease resistance
Black Krim
This medium-sized, very dark maroon beefsteak, with wonderfully rich flavor, originated in Crimea, an island peninsula in the Black Sea with perfect 'tomato summers'. Extremely tasty. Intermediate

Amish Paste
Plant produces high yields of 8 to 12 oz plum shaped tomatoes. Tomatoes are mildly sweet, grow in clusters of two to four, and turn from green to medium red when mature. Excellent for making paste and sauce. A family heirloom variety from the USA. Indeterminate.

Polish Linguisa
Polish Linguisa is an heirloom tomato brought to the U.S. by Polish gardeners in the 1800's. Produce indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous tomato plants that bear excellent yields of HUGE, 10-ounce, 2-inch in diameter, sausage-shaped, very meaty, bright-red, paste tomatoes that are very sweet for a paste tomato. Excellent for making tomato paste, tomato sauce, slicing into salads, eating fresh off the vine, drying or freezing. Plants produce abundantly well until frost.  


This is by far the best known of all heirlooms and for good reason. Everyone who tastes it is enchanted by it's superb flavor. The fruits have a very large beefstake shape and grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The color is an appetizing shade of red-pink. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late.But at summer's end, Brandywine's qualities really shine when it develops an incredible fine, sweet flavor. Fruits average 1 lb each. Indeterminate.

Wisconsin 55
Plant produces good yields of large red tomatoes. Tomatoes ripens evenly and have no shoulder cracks. A superb tomato developed by the University of Wisconsin. Excellent shipper variety! Suitable for home garden and market growers. Indeterminate.

Wipsipinican Peach (Garden Peach)

This unusual, cream-yellow tomato has a fuzzy skin. The 2" fruits are very sweet with a nice, fruity flavor. The plants are highly productive.  
Enormous, uniquely-patterned, yellow-red striped fruits will be the center of attraction. Beefsteak-type fruits easily grow to 5" and larger, and are orange-yellow with red streaks. Fruits have meaty flesh, mild flavor, and no green shoulders. Heavy foliaged plants produce good yields.
German Johnson Pink
Very large 1-2 lb fruits are deep pink, very flavorful and nearly crack-free. The plants are very productive.

Italian Giant Beefsteak
This blockbuster of a beefsteak was brought over from Italy over 80 years ago, and still rules the garden for sheer size, with some fruits growing larger than two fists! A deep red beefsteak-type, with flattened fruits averaging 16 oz. and 4" in diameter - meaty and delicious, yield after impressive yield

Lithuanian immigrants in Wisconsin are credited with introducing this pink, paste-type heirloom in the early 1900's and the rest is history. Full-flavored fruits average 4 to 6 ounces and are 4 inches in diameter, with meaty flesh and plenty of juice

Amish Gold Slicer
Plant produces good yields of 3" to 4" round slicing tomatoes. Tomatoes are very firm and are great for canning.

Giallo De Summer

Beefsteak with true yellow to pale orange skin and yellow flesh. Indeterminate.

San Marzano



Green - California Wonder

Biker Billy

This jalapeno is really packed with rich flavor. Billy likes 'em best when they are flaming red and at their sweetest. Fruits are very large, measuring 2" at the shoulder and 3-1/2" long. Upright plants up to 24" tall.

Serrano Chili

Small, finger-shaped, hot peppers picked green or red. Easy to dry

Long Thin Cayenne

Habanero Orange

Sweet Banana

Cost Rican Sweet

A truly tasty pepper, it's a large Marconi type but shorter in length and wider through the shoulder. Pick when the skin turns deep ruby red to experience its unique fruity sweetness.

Mariachi Hybrid

Perfect when you want a blast of color but just a hint of heat, the compact 18-24" plants yield loads of 4", coned shaped fruits that change brilliantly from creamy yellow to bright red all summer, yet taste spicy but only mildly hot.

 Ancho  (Poblano)
Scotch Bonnet
Hot Lemon

Italian Pepperoncini


Straight Eight Cucumber

Tasty Green Burpless Cucumber
Ruby Perfection Cabbage
Early Cabbage

Late Cabbage

Arcadia Broccoli

Snow Crown Cauliflower

Grand Duke Kohlrabi

Kossack Kohlrabi
Long Purple Eggplant