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Janamuktikami is a revolutionary monthly journal in Bengali.It also publishes Marxist literature. Our collection "Maoism or Mao Thought?" received wide acceptance among revolutionary intellectuals. The publications are available at Bookmark, College Street, Kolkata.

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 Maoism or Mao thought?

'Mao Thought vs. Maoism' has assumed the form of an important ideological debate in the communist revolutionary camp in the international as well as national level. Much of the course of Indian revolution and world communist movement rests on the outcome of this ideological debate. Right from June 2001 to December 2001 Janamuktikami published some letters, articles and some relevant parts of the classical Marxian literature with editorial notes in respect to this debate. From these writings published the readers come to know different arguments in favour of Maoism, our firm position on Mao Thought and reasonableness in its favour in one hand, and, on the other, they can make clearer their outlook to take proper position in this debate by becoming more intimate with such important subjects as the dialectical materialist laws of development of society, the sources and components of Marxism as the proletarian ideology, material basis of its quantitative and qualitative development, the dialectical relation between matter and consciousness, i.e., materialist theory of knowledge, historical context of Leninism and Mao Tsetung Thought, and so on.

We compiled the writings scattered in different issues of our journal and reprinted them in January 2002 in the form of a booklet in Bengali. In may 2002, as per the demand of some readers, we published its English version to spread the debate in a larger sphere.  

With the recent development in Nepal, when the revisionist innards of the political line of RIM has been exposed,  we have made the digital edition of the booklet  which would help the debate to reach a wider section.

Hope our mission will be fulfilled.

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