* Math 8 HW

**Keep a growth mindset! Your efforts and perseverance in problem solving will pay off!**
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Quiz on Pythagorean Theorem POSTPONED to Dec. 13/14 due to school closure
In the meantime, be sure to finish the Pythagoras Stations if not already turned in by Dec. 4/5 due date.

Test Corrections Form

20 YouTube channels for sharpening your math skills

Pythagoras Videos for Station 4:
What Was Up with Pythagoras?
Origami Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

SBAC: State test practice

Due Date

 Indiv  Most homework is individual. Students work on their own to prepare for a retest on any concept/standard where they would like to improve their score. 
   1) Do test corrections using the following form:  Test Corrections Form
       -- Do not write on the original test. Complete the test corrections for any problem or part of a 
         problem where you received feedback or where it is marked incorrect. 
    -- Turn test corrections and original test in to Mrs. Bon (basket on counter in classroom). Sign up 
         for a retest; the sign-up sheet is on the pink clipboard by the basket.
    -- Make sure all homework for the unit is complete -- this needs to be done before you can retest!
    -- Wait for Mrs. Bon to review your corrections and offer feedback. You may need to rework some 
         problems if you are still making mistakes.
    -- Write retest date and time in your SCAB and be sure to study :-)
   2) Extra practice -- see Mrs. Bon if you want extra practice work on the standard/concept 
 23/24 10 WS More Slope + Intercept
 9 TMM pg. 48-50 (9-12, 21)
 6 8 TMM pg. 48-49 (8, 13, 20)
 2/3 7 WS Exploring Slope
 29/30 6 WS The Great YoYo Festival 
 27/28 5 WS Graphing Patterns
 20/22 4 WS Day 14 pages 1 and 2 + Function Unit Review
 18/19 3 WS Analyze the Graph
 11/12 2 WS Function Machines Part 1
 30/311Desmos Patterns WS: Pattern 2