* Math 8 HW

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/28: Quiz Standard 1 (this will update current Stand. 1 grade)

**Keep a growth mindset! Your efforts and perseverance in problem solving will pay off!**

Test  Corrections form
STANDARDS: Unit 1 Thinking with Mathematical Models

LINKS: Positive Function Machine; Positive/Negative Function Machine
GraphingStories.com; square root game; cube root game

State practice test

Due Date

 9/28 6 Function Unit Review 
 9/26 5 Day 14 Problem, parts 1 and 2
 9/23 4 Graphing worksheet
9/16  3 Error Analysis worksheet
 9/14 2 2 worksheets: Functions/Function Machines
9/91Period 1: Unit 1 Patterns worksheet (Period 3: no homework)