CORE 8 Overview

Welcome to Core 8 Math! This class covers the Common Core State Standards for Grade 8 (click for link to standards). We will be using SpringBoard Mathematics with Meaning, a paperback text/workbook.

A "parent roadmap" for offering support to your child in Grade 8 Math can be found at

SpringBoard Mathematics is a highly engaging, student-centered, standards-based instructional program. SpringBoard is the College-Board's official Pre-AP program, developed to provide a roadmap for attaining the knowledge and skills students require for success in Advanced Placement courses and in college-level work. 

In this course, students will learn to solve complex math problems using a variety of mathematical knowledge and skills, collaborate with others to complete a task, and communicate effectively using the language of mathematics. Students will explore the "big ideas" in mathematics and develop the critical thinking skills needed to apply and communicate concepts in real-world situations.

Students will extend their mathematical knowledge by:
  • writing algebraic models from a variety of physical, numeric, and verbal descriptions
  • solving equations using a variety of methods
  • justifying answers using precise mathematical language
  • relating constant rate of change to verbal, physical, and algebraic models
  • using technology to solve problems
  • reinforcing and extending the vocabulary of probability and statistics.