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*Algebra online text

For extra study on Algebrq standards, 
access our old Holt Algebra textbook at my.hrw.com.
Username: jadams1234    Password: jams1234
Chapters 1-5 cover standards that are now prerequisites to Common Core Algebra 1.

To access our JAMS Algebra 1 online textbook and student resources:
2) You are a RETURNING USER. Click on Log In
3) Username: jamsalgebra2016
     Password: jams1234
4) Select appropriate book page at top

Algebra 1 companion site
This site has the same resources as the textbook website. You may find it easier to navigate.

There are multiple choice practice problems organized by lesson, as well as practice quizzes.

web code: bdk-0099

Virtual Nerd video tutorials
This site has 1500 video lessons for middle school math.