A Sampling of Journalist Jamie Ward's Published Works


Jamie's work from June 2008 to September 2009 is available at www.gwinnettdailypost.com in the archives. Some of his personal favorites are also listed below.

  • This story, published in September 2008 for the San Francisco-based Earth Island Journal, details the fight and struggle to save Glover's Reef Atoll in Belize. Jamie came to know the Lomonts as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2004. He's been back visiting Warren- his student and prize fishermen of the islands - and his family of "Swiss Family Robsinons" ever since. This story dictates the fight to save their backyard (a.k.a.as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) from overfishing. 

Trouble in Paradise Story .pdf Link


  • This story, published in January 2007 for the Indiana University Alumni Magazine, detailed one young woman's fight against Stage IV advanced melanoma. Refusing to give up on life, Tricia Black of Indianapolis, IN formed an army and inspired thousands. Today, Teb's Troops - a non-profit organization which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to bolster awareness and fund research against melanoma, is bringing the melanoma fight into the national limelight.

Teb's Troops Story Link

  • These stories appeared in the Gwinnett Daily Post and showcase the watchdog and investigative skills Jamie loves to use in keeping an eye on government. He's not afraid to call people out when he has factual proof that they're up to no good. He's in it FOR THE PEOPLE.
  • This story, written for the Sun Times News Group's Post-Tribune, was picked up by The Associated Press and run on the state wire while Jamie was working as an intern at the newspaper. It offers an interesting look into the world of undercover, unmarked cars and their use to deter traffic speeders in one Northwest Indiana community.

Unmarked Police Car Speeding Story Link

  • This feature story was picked up by the AP Wire in Georgia while Jamie worked at the Gwinnett Daily Post.
  • As Twitter took the world by storm, Jamie looked at how local government and business leaders were using social media in suburban Atlanta.


  • Jamie broke this story about two Indiana counties' toxic air and the area's largest employers being responsible for it.

Northwest Indiana's Toxic Air Story Link

  • Jamie has written on deadline for the major news media and on a few occasions had not only one, but two stories appearing on the front page. This motorcyle feature was published after star Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger suffered a head injury following a crash. The story which appears beneath details a World War II veteran receiving his medal of honor 60 years late.

Motorycycle and World War II Veteran Stories Link

  • Jamie covered city government in Northwest Indiana's Town of Merrillville while an intern for the Sun Times News Group's Post-Tribune. These stories show how a meeting topic at a city council session led to a front page enterprise piece.

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