Welcome to JamiSings.com

My former host, 250free.com, has gone out of business and I cannot access my old website information. Until I can get a bit of help rebuilding my site, I'm afraid the new JamiSings.com will be very bare bones.
My name is Jami JoAnne Russell. I am a vocalist who specializes in songs ranging from the Big Band to Disco eras, plus Broadway musical numbers. I've been performing since I was three years old. I do weddings, funerals, conventions, etc. My usual fee is $10 per song, free for charity events, libraries, and nursing homes. Travel expenses apply for long distance gigs.
I'm based in Costa Mesa, CA.
I sing with pre-recorded accompaniment played by Kevin Weed.  I am open to joining a band or singing with your house band. I do like a minimum of 2 months for rehearsing before a performance. More if you have a certain song in mind that might be out of print. 
The easiest way to reach me is via e-mail at JamiSings@gmail.com
You may visit my YouTube channel and my profile at ReverbNation for samples.