Jamie Sikora

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Research Associate, Institute for Quantum Computing

(Future) Office: 2160E Torgersen Hall

Email: sikora@vt.edu


  • I am currently looking for students (at all levels) and a postdoc! A note for prospective students

  • I am currently updating my website, so hopefully any ugliness will be resolved shortly.


I am interested in almost anything involving the words "quantum" and/or "convex". For example, I like to study Quantum Information, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computational Complexity Theory, and Bell Nonlocality through the lens of semidefinite programming

SDP Resources

I have collected a bunch of useful resources for learning semidefinite programming with a focus on quantum applications


I will be teaching a class on Quantum Computation in Spring 2021 at Virginia Tech