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Arduino Bracket

Here it is - the world-famous "Arduino Bracket". When we first started using the Solarbotics Freeduino boards in my ELEN136 Introduction to Electronics course at Okanagan College, all of the connections between the breadboard and the Freeduino were made with small bits of wire, which had the nasty habit of loosening up and making a lousy connection with the intended terminal. My solution: The "Arduino Bracket".

The "Arduino Bracket" is nothing more than two sets of 2.54mm header pins soldered together at a 90-degree angle. For convenience, I added a short (~12cm) length of stranded wire to the Arduinos' ground pin, which is long enough to be plugged into the ground rail on either side of the breadboard.

Maybe it's stupid, maybe it's brilliant. Either way, if you're playing around with an Arduino on a breadboard you might want to make yourself one. Personally, I think that just being able to use the term "Arduino Bracket" and to refer to a breadboard as a "right-angle shield" is worth the entire $0.72 it cost to make one.

The construction is fairly straight-forward, however if you're having difficulty deciphering the photos I did make an Instructable, which can be found here:

I generally post info about my latest electronics projects on my blog, which can be found here: