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Accordion Hero

It all started with a bet. "I bet you $100 you can't make Accordion Hero" My friend lost that bet. The original version was constructed from nothing more than a dryer vent, car door handles from a Ford Tempo, a USB keyboard controller, a Setra piezoelectric air pressure sensor, an hour, and some chunks of plywood.

The capital "earned" after the successful demonstration of version one was used to develop the second and third versions. Version 2 was much lighter and more ergonomic than the original prototype, but still required the physical USB connection to the computer, and was only compatible with a third-party program known as "Frets on Fire".

Version 3 (current) was significantly lighter and more compact. Based on an actual Guitar Hero controller, not only was it wireless, it also worked seamlessly with the Playstation 2 software. This version was also the first to support "whammy" functionality, by way of a thumb-activated switch on the right side of the device.