Meet Jamie Kang
Jamie came to the United States from Seoul South Korea at the age of 4 with her parents so that her father could finish his Post Doctorate at Harvard University.

Forever grateful for the unparalleled education and experience she received from her teachers, councilors, and staff of the Belmont School System, Jaime is running for School Committee because she wants to give back.

“I don’t want to wait till I’m settled in to a career to start giving back,” says Jamie. Adding: “ Being recent Belmont High graduate, gives me a unique, fresh, and valuable perspective, which will allow me to serve the School Committee well.”

Jamie Kang graduated 3rd in her class in 2009. She is currently a biology major and a political science minor at MIT. She serves in student government and is also familiar with the legislative process having interned in for the Senate Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committee and Senator Scott Brown's Office. While in Washington she worked with a staffer on science, technology, and policy issues, gaining insight into various legislations. She attended hearings and briefings on homeland security as well as science policy. Notably, with the cloture of the Cyber-security Bill of 2012 and the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare during her internship, She was able to directly observe making of the bills and the players involved.

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