Tin Foil Dinners for Scout Camp

Yield: Serves 1 hungry scout

Time: 20 minutes
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!

1 large russet potato, chopped with the skins still on
1 large chicken breast, cut into pieces
2 T butter
Johnny's Season Salt
Freshly Cracked Pepper
1/4 C BBQ sauce

1. In a large skillet melt 1 T of the butter over medium heat. Add your chicken pieces and sprinkle with seasoned salt and cracked pepper. Cook until golden brown on the out side.
2. Set chicken aside and melt the other T of butter in the skillet. Add the potatoes to the skillet, sprinkle a bit more seasoned salt and pepper and cook until golden brown.
3. On a large piece of tin foil place the chicken and potatoes. Pour the BBQ sauce over the top of the chicken and potatoes. Wrap the tin foil up and over the dinner. Wrap it in another sheet or two of foil.
4. Throw it in the fridge until it's time to go, then send it in a cooler with your dear boy. Mark tells me that he places the tin foil dinner on the hot coals of the fire. Not directly in the flames. It should heat through in about 15-20 minutes.
Send your boy to scout camp with a hug and a kiss as well.
Don't let too many folks see you kiss him....this will ensure that he'll want to keep giving you those kisses. I sure hope they don't ever run out....
                                                                    recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up! (www.jamiecooksitup.blogspot.com)