Sweet Heart Oreos

Time: 1 hour + time for the chocolate to set

Yield: 45 Oreos
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up! 

1  12-16 oz package red candy wafers

1  12-16 oz package pink candy wafers
Heart Shaped Sprinkles
45 Oreos (about 3 sleeves worth)

1. Put one color of your wafers in a microwave safe dish. Glass measuring cups work really well. You want something that is somewhat deep. Melt the candy wafers in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir, and return to the microwave. Heat them in 30 second increments, stirring after each interval until they are all nicely melted and you have a smooth dipping substance. Please don't be tempted to heat them quickly....you won't be happy with the result.
2. Hold on to the top of an Oreo. Dip one side in....
3. Tilt the Oreo ever so slightly and dip the other side. Be sure to leave room for your finger at the top. You are building a heart here, and you want to be sure you leave space for the round tops of the heart. 
4. Lay your Oreo on a cookie sheet LINED WITH WAX PAPER.
5. Take a butter knife and scoop up a small amount of the red candy coating onto the end of it.
6. Smooth the candy coating from your knife up on the tops of your heart. Spread the candy coating around and into a heart shape. Push some of the candy coating down to the bottom and off the edge of your Oreo. Then lift your knife up at the bottom tip of your heart. This will make the a little swirly pattern. Cute. Fun and Cute. Now just a note here. If you have a hard time making the heart shape.....don't worry about it! Just try again on the next one. It took me a couple of really ugly looking hearts to get it down. If you don't get it down, don't sweat it! Just smear the candy coating all over the top, pour the sprinkles on top and you are good to go! They taste great, heart shape or not. 
7. Place the little heart shaped sprinkles in one corner, or all over, or not at all. Up to you!
8. Let the cookies hang out on the wax paper until set. It should take about an hour.