Sugar Cookie Frosting
Time: 10 minutes to mix + decorating time

Yield: Frosting for about 24 cookies
Recipe from Amanda at I Am Baker
1 C powdered sugar
1 T milk
1 drop lemon juice (fresh or from the bottle)
1 T light corn syrup
American Food Coloring (I found some at my local Hobby Lobby)
1. Combine the powdered sugar, lemon juice, and corn syrup in a medium sized bowl. 
2. Add the milk just a drop or two at a time. You are working towards two different consistencies here.
The thicker frosting should be about the consistency of toothpaste. You are going to use it to pipe around the edges of your cookies. You will also need a thinner icing used to "flood" the cookies. The thinner icing should resemble syrup. Add the milk to your icing with these two consistencies in mind. Add your food coloring and you are good to go! Pipe the thicker frosting around the edges of your cookies. Let it harden for about 10 minutes, then fill it your cookie with the thinner frosting.