Pico De Gallo (Fresh Mexican Salsa)


***Note: This Pico De Gallo is best served as soon as you make it, or after it has had a chance to refrigerate for an hour or two. After that,  it gets a little bit soupy and isn't quite as good.***

Time: 30 minutes
Yield: 4 cups
Recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up!

3 tomatoes, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1/4 C red onion, chopped
1/4 C cilantro, chopped
2 T fresh garlic, minced
salt and pepper
pinch red pepper flakes
2 T fresh lime juice
1 avocado
dash sugar

1. Find some nice red tomatoes. (I used Roma, because they were on sale at the store). Take the core out, chop them up and toss them into a bowl.
2. Grab 1 green pepper and 1 red pepper. Take out the core and chop them up. I only used half of the green pepper and all of the red pepper.
3. Slice and chop some red onion, I used 1/4 cup total. Add it to the bowl.
4. Finley chop up 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, and add it to the bowl.
5. Mince 2 tablespoons of garlic and toss it in the bowl.
6. Sqeeze half of a lime (about 2 tablespoons) over the top of the freshly chopped veggies. Give everything a nice stir to combine. Add some salt and pepper to taste. If your tomatoes aren't sweet enough, you may want to add just a dash of sugar to bring out the flavor.
7. Toss in a pinch of red pepper flakes. You'll want to be careful here. If you don't like any kind of spicy kick then leave the red pepper flakes out. A little pinch of these babies goes a long way.
8. Now, let's add an avocado, shall we? Slice it in half with a sharp knife. Then take each half and slice 4 long cuts into the flesh of the avocado, making sure not to cut through the peel. Now cut the some slices along the width of the avocado, about every 1/4 inch. This is going to give you some nice even chunks of avocado. Don't they look lovely? Cut along the inside of the peel and pop the avocado chunks out and place them in your bowl.
9. Stir everything together, dip a chip into it and give your fresh yummy salsa a taste. Add more salt, pepper and lime juice as needed.

Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to two hours, then serve. Tastes great either way.