Beach Street Lemon Chicken
Time: Marinade 6 hours + Cook for 20 minutes
Yield: 6 servings
Recipe from Angela Howells


3 T olive oil
3-4 cloves garlic minced
1 t Cajun seasoning
1/3 C fresh lemon juice
1/4 minced fresh parsley
7 T brown sugar
4 T soy sauce
5 chicken breasts, sliced

1 lb linguine or Fettuccine

zest from 1 lemon
juice from 1 lemon
1/2 C chopped green onion
1/4 C chopped fresh parsley
freshly ground black pepper
parmesan cheese, the grated kind

1. Combine the marinade ingredients together. I always taste it before I put the chicken in so I can be sure it's not too spicy. Add a bit more Cajun seasoning if it doesn't have enough kick. When you have it just right, put your chicken in, cover and let it sit in the fridge for 1-12 hours.
2. Cook the chicken with the marinade in a large skillet over medium heat until the chicken is cooked through and the marinade has reduced just a bit.
3. While chicken is cooking, cook the pasta in boiling salted water.
4. Combine the juice and zest of the lemon, green onions, and fresh parsley together in a large bowl.
5. Add the hot pasta and sprinkle with salt an pepper.
6. Add the chicken and marinade, toss everything in the bowl together and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve immediately!