Jamie Bollenbach

Purchase, Rental and Commission Information

Purchasing Original Artwork

A good option for those interested in purchasing  original paintings is to purchase directly from the Artist, which can not only give rich insight into the work, but can sometimes offer significant discounts from gallery prices.   If you are interested in a piece, and will be in the Seattle area, please feel free to contact the artist for a private viewing at the studio.  

Payment Options and Rentals

A large, original painting is a significant purchase, and different payment options are offered, usually with  a 3 to 12 month period.  Artworks can also be rented for 3.33% of the purchase price per month.  Renters have priority to purchase the work, and rental fees would be  deducted from the total. Rentals out of the Puget Sound area require special arrangements.

Commissioning Original Art by Jamie Bollenbach. 

Jamie does take commissions to adapt his work for  specific spaces.  Prices are comparable to existing works.  Email or call for details.

List of Currently Available Paintings 

as of April 2009


These paintings are available for purchase or rental directly from the Artist. Additional works are available, including drawings  and small sculptures.

Wilderness  2001-2008     oil on canvas   60" by 84" 



 Initial Point     2008   oil on canvas   52" by 32"



Patricia     2008   oil on canvas   60" by 84"


Population     2006   oil on canvas    37" by 50" 



Sara #27     2005   oil canvas   65" by 48"



Untitled     2002   oil on canvas   66" by 64"



 Two Before Windows     2002   oil on canvas 90" by 66"



Pink     2001-2005   24" by 48 " oil on canvas, framed 


Red Study      2007    24" by 20"    oil on board


Additional works to be listed



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