Product Vendors

Companies that we use for various lab reagants/nmr supplies. 


Lab Protocols

Lab Recipes 

Amersham-Pharmacia (GE Healthcare)

    GST resin


    Liquid Acrylamide

    Econo-Pac gravity columns

    Low range molecular weight markers

    Quantum midipreps

Biotek Services Inc.

    pipet calibration 


Dot Scientific

    latex gloves

Integrated DNA technologies

    10 micromolar quantities of DNA

ISC Bioexpress

    1.5 mL eppendorf tubes 

Isotec (owned by Sigma)

    15N ammonium chloride

    13C glucose

    1-13C glucose 

Membrane Filtration Products, Inc.

    Cellu-Sep H1 dialysis tubing 

Midwest Scientific

    Pipet tips


    Quantum EX Filtration System


National Diagnostics

    Protogel liquid acrylamide

Novagen/EMD Biosciences

    His-Bind resin 


    BCA Protein Assay Reagants A & B 

Powerware Corp

    Fortess 1020  UPS battery

Q-Biogene/MP Biomedical

    LB medium capsules

    LB Agar capsules 

Research Products International Corp.

    15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes 

Roche Applied Science

    Complete Protease Inhibitor Tablets


    SP sepharose ion-exchange resin

Spectrum Labs

    Spectra Gel absorbent 

    SpectraPor 1 and 6 dialysis tubing