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Selected Recent Publications

Hardy, Bradley, Timothy Smeeding, and James P. Ziliak. 2018. “The Changing Safety Net for Low Income Parents and Their Children: Structural or Cyclical Changes in Income Support Policy?Demography https://doi.org/10.1007/s13524-017-0642-7.

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Reports and Working Papers

Bollinger, Christopher R., Barry T. Hirsch, Charles Hokayem, and James P. Ziliak. 2015. Revised February 2018. "Trouble in the Tails? What We Know about Earnings Nonresponse Thirty Years after Lillard, Smith, and Welch."

Blundell, Richard, Robert Joyce, Agnes Norris Keiller, and James P. Ziliak. 2017. Revised March 2018. "Income Inequality and the Labour Market in Britain and the United States."

Ziliak, James P. 2018. "Economic Change and the Social Safety Net: Are Rural Americans Still Behind?" Prepared for presentation at the conference Rural Poverty: Fifty Years after The People Left Behind.

Hartley, Robert Paul, Carlos Lamarche, and James P. Ziliak. 2016. Revised May 2017. "Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence." UKCPR Discussion Paper 2016-01. 

Ziliak, James P. Ziliak. 2016. "Modernizing SNAP Benefits."
The Hamilton Project, Policy Proposal 2016-06, Brookings Institution.
 with shorter length policy brief:  "Policy Brief: Modernizing SNAP Benefits."

Bollinger, Christopher, and James P. Ziliak. 2008. "Changes in the Distribution of Single Mother Families: Murphy Brown meets Inequality." University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research Discussion Paper DP2008-08.


Ziliak, James P., Craig Gundersen, and Margaret P. Haist. 2008. "The Causes, Consequences, and Future of Senior Hunger in America." University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research Special Report to the Meals on Wheels Association of America Foundation.


Ziliak, James P. 2008. "Effective Tax Rates and Guarantees in the Food Stamp Program." A Report to the Food and Nutrition Research Program, Economic Research Service, USDA.