Spare Server PSU Mod

The key idea here is to use cheap ex-server PSUs for high current 12V rails.
  • DPS-600PB power supplies can be obtained cheaply from Ebay.
  • Follow the steps in the URL (1), except that I soldered together pins 4, 6, 8, 10 together. Its pretty convenient to just bend them together and solder.
  • I got some spare PCI-E power cables around, and yellow female spade connectors. You will want to use the yellow ones if you're going to pull <= 25A without burning up. Use a screw driver to open up the mouth of the connector a little so that you can actually force them onto the output pins later. Use a generous amount of solder to join cables to connector. Shrink-wrap around the connector to reduce chance of accidental shorting (not pictured).
  • Ensuring the connection is tight, you can make 2 connections per PSU. In this case, I could possibly power 2 x 250W GPUs.