NoSnooze Alarm Clock



This is a simple alarm clock written for Windows.  I made it because I was unable to find any PC alarm clocks that I trusted to wake me up.  Other alarm clocks had too much stuff and allowed for too many things to go wrong.  I have used this one for over three months and it has worked every morning. 

It beeps using the pc speaker, so don't worry about your sound being turned off.

Please shoot me an email if you have an improvements, bugs or problems.  Thanks to Obaid ur Rehman for his tutorial on C# Graphics.


The NoSnooze Alarm Clock requires the .Net 2.0 Framework. 

Download the NoSnooze Alarm Clock 1.1 

August 27, 2006


          • Can play music, system beeps or alarm. 
          • Resizable
          • Change the background image and font (by right clicking on the clock).
          • Works in Vista



Download the NoSnooze Alarm Clock 1.0

 The original.  I have used it for over three months and it has never failed.  It beeps using the PC speaker.

You can also download the C# source code. It is an unholy mess so good luck figuring it out.  Make sure you give me  (James Wren) credit if you use it for anything.